The adventure begins!

Welcome to my blog!  

Starting this blog has been on my to-do list for about...5 years now? For those of you who don’t know me...I’m Amanda. I have worked in the photo industry for 10 years as a retouch artist, designer and photographer.  My passion is exploring National Parks and nature photography (borderline obsessed maybe) and what better way to fuel this obsession than a two month cross-country road trip!  I figured this adventure is as good as opportunities get for starting a new blog.  So, here goes nothing!

I recently started working from home full-time which has allowed me this incredible opportunity to take my work on the road.  I’ll need my big 27” iMac, Wacom tablet and super-sonic internet speeds so, unfortunately, I won’t be able to travel as freely and spontaneously as I would like. Instead, I will be planting myself at several locations across the country for a week (or more) at a time, continue working a typical 9-5 (or in my case 7-3) and taking the evenings and weekends to explore and photograph the surrounding area.


I hit the road in two days!!  I’ll be driving my 2005 Pontiac Vibe hatchback...PACKED with clothes, hiking gear, winter gear, camping gear, tons of work stuff and my photography equipment.  The car has been checked thoroughly by my trusty mechanic.  (I highly recommend Shady Grove Auto Care if you are in the MD/DC area.)  I have a brand new car battery, tires are rotated, and the windshield wipers have been replaced.  I even invested in a AAA+ membership just for the occasion so as not to get stranded alone in the middle of nowhere with nothing but my inept ability to change a tire and utter lack of mechanical skills.  

The weather is warming up in D.C. and EVERYONE is hitting the car wash.

The weather is warming up in D.C. and EVERYONE is hitting the car wash.


Most important of my preparations was spending time with my amazing friends this past weekend.  I love traveling alone but the reality of the length of time away is setting in and I will miss my local loved ones, amazing clients and colleagues.  Good news is that I will be visiting distant friends and family along the way!  Plus, I will have the company of all of you - my new loyal blog followers….amiright?! Come on, don’t let me down! :)


My main “home” bases will be:

Denver, CO

Cedar City, UT

San Diego, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

And possible addition - Flagstaff, AZ


In the Camera Bag:

Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 40D converted to Infrared



70-200 2.8

Nifty Fifty

Extension Tubes

Canon 580ex II Flash

Batteries & Chargers (of course)

Graduated ND Filters

Circular Polarizer

Manfrotto Tripod

Compact MeFoto Tripod

LOTS of memory cards


I will be venturing to MANY National Parks and other public lands, some tourist attractions and plan to spend an epic week traveling back!  Keep an eye out for photos, updates and stories along the way. And be sure to follow me on instagram (@amandajoyphotographics) so you can live vicariously through me and see all the greatness that this country has to offer! 

Have questions? Comments? Suggestions?  Share them below!

Ahhhhh wish me luck!!!