What is conservation photography?

Conservation photography is genre that integrates nature photography with journalism and visual storytelling. The shared goal of conservation photographers is to use their artistic talent and medium to advocate and create positive change. Across the industry, emphasis is placed on ethical practices and truth in captioning, giving top priority to respect of the land, the flora, the fauna, and local communities. Collaboration between photographers, writers, filmmakers, and scientists, as well as non-profits and NGO's is vital in the success of our work to promote the conservation of our world.



Custom Project Collaboration

Amanda strives to engage the public, amplify messages, and aid conservation efforts. If you are an environmental, conservation, or social justice organization, a scientist, a conservationist, an explorer, a social entrepreneur, or someone with a story to tell, we are interested in hearing more! Collaboration across genres and expertise is key in the digital age and we're excited to discuss how we can promote change and innovation together.


  • Photo Licensing

  • Still Photography

  • Filmmaking

  • Graphic Design

&  a variety of communication and visual content creation


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About Amanda

Amanda is a born and raised Washingtonian who as a child was fascinated with the wonders of nature and loved to explore. When a historic farm, probably the last remaining in Rockville, MD, was put up for sale, Amanda, as an elementary school child, dreamed of raising money to save the property from development and start a nature center. Though those childhood ambitions faded, Amanda grew a love for photography which was enhanced by her appreciation of the natural world.

Amanda spent over a decade working as a professional photographer specializing in portrait and event photography, working as a freelancer and alongside many of the prominent D.C. photographers. She also managed the retouching and design department at post-production company, Pilot Imaging, for seven years, polishing her skills as a digital artist. 

On a 2009 cross-country trip, Amanda discovered the amazement of our National Parks and public lands and hasn't stopped traveling, exploring, and photographing since. In 2016, Amanda made the decision to refocus her career in environmental communication and meld her expertise with her passion, working to make a difference in our world. Amanda returned to school at the University of Maryland to pursue a degree in communication with a focus in digital and visual media and is electing additional coursework in environmental studies and a minor in sustainability.

To learn more about Amanda's accomplishments, please visit the recognition page.